Mindful Drawing Project

The Mindful Drawing Project is an inquiry based learning experience where participants will explore the act of meditation and drawing.  In this 15-week project, spring 2016, we will explore the art of meditation and drawing.  Dr. Gene Rice, Professor and Chair of Philosophy, will demonstrate mediation techniques and Ms. Amy Schmierbach, Professor of Art and Design, will provide hands-on drawing exercises.  This project will take place on the campus of Fort Hays State University, Hays, KS.  This project is funded by an Undergraduate Research Grant through the Office of Scholarship of Sponsored Projects at FHSU.

The goal of this exploratory project will be to create a series of drawings that reflect on the mindfulness meditation process and to create awareness of our mental and physical habits through meditation.

10 undergraduate students will be awarded 1 credit hour in tuition and approximately $150 in drawing supplies.  Each participant will be required to meet each Monday from 4-5:30pm during the spring semester, create a series of drawings, practice meditation independently and exhibit/present research at the end the spring semester.  

*Please note that any undergraduate may apply and do not need to be art majors.  This is not a course taken for credit. Others are invited to participate without funding.

Project Checklist:

  • this is not a credit bearing course
  • participants will be guided through several types of mediation practices
  • several methods of drawing will be demonstrated
  • self directed research
  • 10 undergraduate students will be awarded 1 credit hour of tuition and drawing supplies
  • others may participate in this research project but will have to provide their own drawing supplies and required to attend all sessions
  • exhibition of drawing at end of Spring 2016 semester

Qualifications for application for scholarship and drawing materials:

  • enrolled undergraduate student at FHSU during Spring 2016
  • students may be any major or in any program of study
  • be available to meet every Monday from 4-5:30pm
  • motivated for self directed study to mediate and draw weekly
  • 2 well written paragraph essay that addresses why you would like to participate and what you could add to project
  • Include name, address, phone number, email, major and name and phone number of a professional reference
  • deadline for submission is December 15, 2015 to aschmier@fhsu.edu

Applications are due December 15, 2015.  Applicants will be notified January 5, 2016. 

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