Doing Our Best and Setting Boundaries!!!

What if we approached everyone as if they were doing their best. In Brene Brown’s book “Rising Strong” she presents this idea. What if we did this? What change would we see in the world.

I have said or thought this statement for the past several years. “I am doing the best I can. I am doing the best I can.” Sometimes my best isn’t good enough as I am stretched in many different directions.. Sometimes your best isn’t enough. But more times than not our best is usually amazing.

Today my son brought home his school work. Since his talent does not lie in communication I have to decipher his school day from the papers he brings home. Today he brought home a number writing assignment. It may not look that great to you but to me this is golden. I didn’t know he could write numbers unassisted.  TOTAL WIN!  Just a couple of days ago I was venting/crying about how I didn’t think he would ever write.  Lucas is always doing the best he can do and his potential is boundless.

Why is accepting that everyone is doing their best, so hard to comprehend?  We are always so quick to judge one another.  I will need to practice this sentiment.  Brown discusses this judgement is partly due to our failure to set boundaries or uncommunicated expectations.  

My son has an amazing skill of setting boundaries.  He is very good at telling others what he needs.  Wow I wish I had that super power.  Setting boundaries is my kryptonite.  So maybe next time I need to set up a boundary I think I will draw that person a picture. Maybe that will help me communicate just as it does for my son.

~ by amyschmierbach on September 1, 2015.

One Response to “Doing Our Best and Setting Boundaries!!!”

  1. I love this post! I often don’t accept my own "best" which certainly makes it harder to see or accept other’s "best." I view that is a self-respect/self-worth thing I need to work on and maybe then setting boundaries would feel more comfortable setting.

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