Presentation and Exhibition in LA

On Feb. 27th, I will be presenting a paper entitled “Touched” at the College Art Association Annual Conference in Los Angeles, CA. The panel is comprised of artists and historians that will be discussing “Touching in Contemporary Art”. Also through the month of March my installation “Warm and Fuzzies” will be installed at the del Mano Gallery in LA.

Here is a abstract of my paper:
As a young art student I was asked to go to the museum for a drawing assignment. My non-art friends came along. To my humiliation these friends needed to touch every painting and sculpture in sight. Many years later I realized that these friends used their sense of touch to understand the art. How can we as contemporary artists expect the general public to truly understand our artwork if they cannot touch it? Why create texture if nobody can feel it? I came to the conclusion that I had to create different art. Art that people could touch, interact and could relate to on some basic level. My sculptures address issues of social class and human existence by using domestic materials in non-traditional forms. Touch isn’t just about the physical act of touching it addresses the need to understand our surroundings and the need to be accepted into them.

~ by amyschmierbach on February 22, 2009.

One Response to “Presentation and Exhibition in LA”

  1. I really enjoyed your presentation and art, particularly the comments on class. I have always been uncomfortable with the “fine art” sphere’s colonization of, what should we call it, “middle america”? It smacks of a kind of false indulgence. So I really appreicate your directness and courage on this score. and also the directness of the art itsefl – refreshingly free of irony, but not at all naive.

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